Witchy cocktail


I found this cocktail, I’m not sure if you’ve tried it, but if not I’d love to see you recreate this!


Dannnngg, that looks freaking cool! (It also sounds tasty, which is a bonus)


I know right? I feel like Corinne might have made this cocktail for her “diy galaxy ice ball cocktail” video, but that was mainly focused on the ice ball part. I’d love to see her make this in detail.


Hells to the yes!! It’s been a while since we’ve seen Corinne spin up a drink like it’s magic.


I really liked your post so I tried to make it. The problem is that I didn’t follow the recipe. I just mixed Blue Curacao and cranberry pomegranate juice, and the cocktail came out black :thinking: I’ll try it again and follow the recipe. However, this cocktail is very delicious and now I know how to make a black drink!