When are y'all going to collab with Cristine and Ben again?


When are y’all going to collab with Cristine again?


This sounds like a great idea too! In fact I’m watching Cristine’s video right now!

@RobCzar @CorinneLeigh WHADAYA THINK??


Omg TRUE I found both of them separately and when they collabed I DIED


I agree they need to do another one - their collabs are so fun to watch.


Holo. I like that you spelled her name right!!


Of course! I’ve been a holosexual since before polish mountain!


We have some old school fans here I love it!


We’re going to Canada in September to shoot a couple of videos with them! Also just to hang with them. They are the best.


Can’t wait!! I love yalls collabs!


Yay! So excited! Holosexual for life!


How about now? Are we ever getting Holobanger paints a boat holo and then you leave the boat in their backyard? 1up them? They left a car, you leave a boat :wink:


Or paint an actual tiny house holo or galaxy? Also leave that in their yard?