Well, hello again, FORUMS!


Hi everyone out there who may be reading this! I am excited that you are here, that any of us are here, actually…

When ThreadBanger started over 10 years ago, the internet was a different place. If you happen to be one of the few who have been with us since that time, you will probably remember the ThreadBanger forum. It was a diehard community of DIYers who made life long relationships and helped new-comers with their crafting/life woes. Without getting into the whole long complicated story of it all, the ThreadBanger forum and website/blog was shut down about 5 years ago and it is something that we have been striving to bring back since.


I have really missed the forum. I miss the great conversations and advice and massive inspiration. Hopefully, we can get back a bit of the magic that used to exist there! But let’s keep it positive. There’s already too much hate in the world. We are here to help and inspire each other, not cut each other down. Basically, what I am trying to say is don’t be a jerk. We all have bad days. Feel free to post about it in the “Having a Bad Day” section of the forum. It’s pretty therapeutic and you never know you might get some sage advice. Also, I invite you to take a look at the “Cute Ass Pets” section cause that usually helps too. We’ll be on the look out for potential moderators to help keep things non-jerky.

We love you all and are so grateful to be here again!

Screenshot from our first YouTube video, ten years ago!


I’m so glad to be a part of a brand new forum!


I’m so happy you guys decided to bring the forum back!! I remember spending so much time on the original one getting ideas for projects and posting some as well. It was a great community. But damn, I didn’t realize I’ve been watching you guys for 10+ years. Kind of hits you suddenly!


This is great :smile:


I’ve missed the forums so much! Thank you so much for bringing them back!
It’s a new era~


I remember the forum!! I am so happy that it is back!!


This place is awesome! Love from Taiwan :DD


So glad that the forum’s back! I hope it turns out to be just as great as the old one. Now to look for some DIYs to do…


It’s so great to see these forums up and with people participating right away! Happy to be a part of it!


I totally missed out on the Threadbanger forum and I’m really happy you guys brought it back for us newer followers! :slight_smile:


I discovered your channel recently and I love it! So excited to join the forum! Rock on Rob and Corinne! Love from Arkansas :two_hearts::crystal_ball:


I so remember the old days. I use to wish to be able to create half the stuff you guys posted!

Actually still sewing, and I make regalia for my family :wink:


hey all glad you guys made a message board! love your videos been a fan since the start


im glad to exist loll


Been around since the beginning and am so glad the forums are back!!! #ogthreadbanger


I love the new forum, as I loved the old one. Love you ThreadBanger!


I just want to say I literally will waste (not that it is bad) but I will spend my entire hour break watching and looking at your cool projects and wondering if I could ever do something as cool at these projects ^~^ So I give you guys props even if you guys mess up I still love the mistakes. <3 ^~^ <3 ^~^ <3 ^~^ <3 ^~^