Too many orbeez?


OK so, I was browsing Amazon and I saw an offer for 5000 orbeez for 83p and for some reason I decided to buy them. I suppose I just thought it was too good an opportunity to pass up. But a few days later I saw an offer for 5000 orbeez for 79p so regrettably I bought them as well. Now I have ten thousand orbeez and no idea what to do with them? Help???


Put them in a pool… Lol


Welp. That’s a lot of Orbeez…

If you have any jars, I’d suggest plopping some Orbeez in with a little bit of water? Then, not only would they make nice centrepieces, paperweights, etc., but they also would look nice as lighting by placing them on top of a light source (i.e. phone flashlight. Don’t put them on an open flame, of course. Dunno what would happen and I don’t want to find out).

Apparently, they feel nice on skin? I’ve never been in possession of Orbeez before, but other people have passed on useful information…

As @Raven said, put them all in a pool or bathtub and GET DEM VIEWS LOL XD

Maybe let them all dry out and put them in envelopes? Orbeezbombing is the new glitterbombing!

Other than these 11/10 helpful tips, I’ve got nothing. Good luck in your predicament!


I mean, you can’t have to many orbeez…? You could always have a orbeez spa day right?! But maybe don’t put them in a pool… That’ll be a pain to clean up :joy: