Threadbanger nail art



Aw I love those so much!<3 did you free hand that?! I could never do that, I’m not even that great at nails! :sweat_smile:


I did and thank you! I think you’re better at nails than you think you are though :joy: Your nails look great! The only difference is that I find it worthwhile for some unknown reason to spend four or five hours doing my nails on a Saturday morning sometimes.


Haha! Honestly, I didn’t even have the patience to paint the other hand! Now I remember why I don’t do nail art!


:joy: love it. I rarely paint my other hand either- and I never do nail art on it. Like maybe once a year for Christmas. Maybe. Even stamping, which requires almost no dexterity at all.


You see, thats the problem. I’m poor and have no methods of stamping. And I’m still way to lazy…, send help? :joy: