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SO CUTE! My Nibbles sits like that too! This sounds dumb but how do you post photos to here? I want to post some pics of my babies too but don’t know how…


I have house plants everywhere and literally the only plant my cats love to eat is my spider plant. I even have a huge catnip plant but for some reason if given the chance they would devour the spider plant but just rub all over the catnip one, lol!


At least your cats interact with the catnip. Mine never acknowledged its existence.


Try fresh catnip…my Nibbles won’t even look twice at the dry store bought stuff, but goes apeshit when I cut some leaves off my plant & put them around the floor. My little black cat, Inky, eats it and Nibbles just keeps rubbing herself on the floor over the where the leaves are, lol. It’s hilarious to watch.


I did, it grows (or grew, I don’t know if we still have it) in our backyard. Didn’t even know you can buy dry catnip.


When you hit reply or create topic there should be a button on the right bottom corner that says upload!


DIY Kitty tree is almost complete! Super Mario Bros in da house


My kitty Piano. She was the runt of her litter, and the only black one (the others being grey). She’s now three, this photo is from a couple weeks after we got her.


Made me chuckle. :blush: lol.


This made me chuckle. I love it when they poke their little heads out to say hi.:grinning::yum:


I like his big ole white socks, very distinguished.


Got 4 cats but can only post 1 photo, so here’s our kitten. She’s 4 or 5 months old and has no tail.


These are my babies… Harley & Little LuLu.
I found LuLu dumped next to Little Caesar’s about a week ago. She’s doing good now & settling in Nicely.


These are my babies Espeon and Steve. They like to nap on each other in the sun :heart:


this is Lucifer :slight_smile: she likes to chew on shoelaces


It’s great to adopt black cats! They are the least likely to get adopted across the board. With that being said I have 2 cats too. That’s so awesome you adopted her even with a physical problem. My 2nd cat was absolutely on death’s door when I adopted her, my little black cat Inky, pretty sure she was the runt. Some asshat had the foresight to drive the kitten to the Humane Society shelter in the middle of winter but too fucking lazy to bring the cat inside to give it up & dumped my poor Inky in about 3ft of snow outside. Thankfully a shelter person spotted her before she froze to death. Does your cat have any problems with balance or jumping without her tail? She’s too cute!


Micha is the orange tom. He is an old veteran of the neighborhood cat wars, so he is missing one eye.

this is jenna. she is a siam and meinecoon mix. She can be a diva sometimes but most of the time she is very friendly. :blush:


my babys :cat2::cat2:


Here are my two boys. Charlie (the floofball at the top) knows he’s beautiful, and that the universe revolves around him. Chaos has an incredibly sweet nature, and will actually go out of his way to get strokes and chin tickles.


This is Ping. He was hiding in my work apron. He thinks he is a ninja.