The Thread Cats


Yes or Oompa Loompas


love your other cat as well. I love blue eyes, my first cat was a siamese called topaz or aspiritous diamond


Your cat is dapper AF!


@CorinneLeigh your black cat reminds me of mine


This is Melissa. He’s alarmingly large and somehow can jump 7 feet. He’s my landlord’s cat and they have ignored all the pet-diet pamphlets I’ve given them.


Omg ok, so I keep fucking up my posts but here’s my last shot!

@CorinneLeigh Your kitties get along so well! I have three of the little fluff balls and they go between tolerating each other, bothering each other and flat out hissy fits.!
Orange Tabby: Simba [youngest in age]
Calico Tabby: Ysera [pronounced Yah-Seh-Rah] named after a dragon. [Newest shelter rescue baby]
Tortoise Shell: Pumpkin [Oldest and most protective of me]


That’s my special cat, Sofia! <3


i see Sofia has plants in her mouth, my cat is the same way. he likes to chew (and sometimes straight out eat) plants and it drives my mom crazy when he’s staying with them


It drives my mother crazy too :stuck_out_tongue: But that’s the only plant she is allowed to play with, cause she is blind and she stays indoors all her day. And when someone is around, we let her go to “her balcony” to play with the plant and to listen to the birds :slight_smile:


Elle and button the two most lazy and active kittens


This one is my kitty


I think she does… :thinking::woman_shrugging:


It’s all good, we are still learning how to use this new platform too! And your kitties are so cute!!


These cats are so cute I love every single one here is my cat enjoy


My little lioness :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you! They are pain in the butts, but so worth it :heart_eyes: . Have you thought about adding any more kitties to the family or is two your max?


I really want an outdoor fish pond at some point, but I tend to live in colder climates so I don’t think I could. :frowning:


What zone are you in? Or what’s your location? I could find out for you.


I live in the mountains of western NC. Gets pretty warm in the summers, but in the winter it gets pretty cold at our elevation.


love having an outdoor pond we even have a floating dome, the fish swim into it & I get a better look at them