The Thread Cats


Yes, the fluffy trap of doom. Unfortunately it’s a tactic used by both her sisters as well.



He sleeps in the weirdest positions :sob:


So many lazy poofballs! I wanted to post my own but the board wouldn’t let me spam with new topics :x


This is my other fatty Jabba :two_hearts:


love my kitties, can’t imagine life with out the little cuties


My third cat. She at least has a little more dignity that her two sisters.


love your user name Onxy, had a royal python called that. your cats are so cute and fluffy


Thanks! XD It’s the name of one of my cats, actually. I’m just unoriginal with coming up with internet usernames.
Also royal pythons are pretty. Must have been a cool pet.
And thank you, haha. No matter how much they shed, they never lose the volume of fluff.


Onxy was lovely, I have a whole load of pets but cats hold a special place in my heart no matter what they get up too. oh how I understand the fluff thing :grin:


Growing up I usually only had one pet at a time (first was a basset hound and the second after that one passed away was a Newfoundland), but I had a smattering of turtles every once in awhile that were rescued off the side of the road and released later. My current cats are the first cats I’ve ever had and they were adopted all at the same time. It was certainly a learning experience. XD They bulled my poor newfie a lot despite being 145lbs lighter than him.


I love the bowtie, it’s adorable!


there’s never been a time when we’ve never had a house full of pets


Lucky. Having a lot of pets is kind of a goal for me in the future. XD Though most likely they’ll be mostly cats and dogs depending on how much space I have.


Won’t let me post two pictures in one post, so here’s my first cat Sir Huntington the 4th:


And my second, Cheshire Seraphine:


I currently have dogs, cats, rabbits, guineapigs, tortoise, snakes, tarantulas, canaries & finches (in a nice aviary) pond fish , tropical fish, owls, parrots, frogs, chameleon, chickens, quailsturtle, degu.


amazing colour, love the eyes


His eyes were probably the initial thing that drew me to him at the shelter when he was a kitten. He’s such a nerd it’s ridiculous.



These are my three cats. My girlfriend and I have an orange and black tort named Esmerelda, but we call her Izzy, a tabby tort named Juno (after the moon). and a solid black cat named Ruby (after a demon in a show). They’re super sweet. Juno is the younges. She is finally starting to calm down and has learned to leave the other two cats alone, but still plays with her other mom all the time. Ruby is my shadow. She loves me more than anything in this world and is constantly around her witchy mom. Izzy is the oldest and takes care of the other two, but mainly wants to be left alone and will come up to you if she wants anything. They all have extremely different personalities, but we all get along and have a happy little family.


It wouldn’t let me do more than one photo, and this is my favorite of all my cats so I had to share. Her little tongue is just too cute.