The Thread Cats


I love these little weirdos. :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


… Does the onion face filter remind you of 90’s candy commercials where their heads became fruit? Is that just me?


Why does your cat look like it wants to eat you in the onion photo?


This is my cat Hero! He is mega fluffy and I love him. :heart_eyes_cat:
He only plays with toys as fluffy as he is.


Yay cats are awesome! They are so cute.


My little cute asses when they were still baby cats (well two of them at least)


One more baby cat (he is sitting here staring at me like he is pissed I didn’t pick his picture over Gus and Stella)


he has hair coming out of his ears like an old man :cat:


Hero is adorable! I love the bow tie!


aaaaaaa I love kittens, so cute :heart:


Such a cutie - cat ear hair is always weirdly cute. Not so much when it is on an old man :smile:


Coral and Amethyst, half sisters who hate each other really :grinning:


honestly the right one is a Big Mood


One of mine.


Would post the other two, but… post limits. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok one more baby cat - I am a crazy cat lady ok (this isn’t even all of them) aka a total sucker for “hey we found this cat…” but at least I can admit it. But just look at this - how could you resist?

DSC_0007 (2)


That’s adorable. <3 I know what you mean. I’m three cats on my way to being a crazy cat lady myself.


Don’t worry the limits go away soon enough. And omg that belly - I just want to rub it. So fluffy!


Haha, she will eat your hand if you tried that. XD It’s always a trap with her.


His name is kopper! :heart:


I had a cat with a very similar belly who used that same trap - when you tried to pet his belly he would grab your hand, start kicking it with his back feet and try to bite. Must be a fluffy belly thing.