Stuck with way too much fresh chili


So this probably doesn’t belong here but I don’t know where else to put it.
Someone in my family had the brilliant idea to mix up the chili we have and bought all this.
Does anyone have any idea what to do with it?


Maybe cut them up and make a spicy chili (with like meat/beans etc)? Or like do them up to use with meat with a tortilla like fajita style?

Or like cut em and chuckem in a slowcooker with some pork?


Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:
I think I’ll do something like chili.
My family doesn’t really like spicy food (yet still bought a freaking habanero) so I never had a spicy chili but they’re out of town for the weekend so I can eat all the spicy food I want


If you like/eat eggs or like egg substitute, omelets or even scrambled eggs with jalapeno are super good, especially eaten with toast. (or like do some sort of hashbrown/egg combo thing?)

I’m one of those people that puts jalapeno slices on my sandwiches though in place of pickle, so I’m kinda biased?/in favor of jalapeno everything.

I didn’t even consider breakfast foods as a spicy vehicle option earlier lol


The first thing that comes to mind is to make a BIIIG batch of chili; put all your veg, your beans, some spare meat and whatever else so you can eat it anytime! It’s the most economical thing you can do, surely.

You could preserve/ferment them too!


Sounds awesome, I’ll definitely give the sandwich/ toast idea a try :slight_smile:
Does it work with cheese too? I’ve recently had my first grilled cheese ever and now I’m hooked :smile:


I’ll do that, if I can find enough containers that can go into the freezer.
Good thing with chili would be that my dad, the only other member of my family that likes spicy food, likes chili. And he never cooks for himself so I could give him some.

With preservation/fermentation you mean something like Sambal Oelek or hot sauce? I’ve always wanted to try this!

I see, I’ll be busy on the weekend :smile:


I won’t eat eggs or sandwiches unless they have cheese, so yes, jalapenos go real good with food that has cheese. (Well, depending on the cheese - Cheddar and American and Swiss, yes; Blue cheese and feta I am not so sure about)

I’ve never put jalapenos in a grilled cheese before (I’m not great at making them, they end up too soggy when I do them), but I think it would work.


Thanks so much. I’ll try it next time I’m hungry.


Regarding the soggy grilled cheese, maybe the bread is the issue?
Supposedly US American bread is equivalent to german Toastbrot which is sliced white or brown bread that is very flexible and soft.
I made grilled cheese both with Toastbrot and with regular german bread which is way harder (and tastier and nutritious) and the regular bread worked a lot better. My guess is, your bread is too moist and/or your slices are too thick. Other than that, I can think of no reason why you would have this outcome.