Simple Lamp shade


I just grabbed all the sharpies I owned and a clear plastic sheet I had and proceeded to scribble random colors all over. Grab the 91% isopropyl alcohol and, I was able to just screw on a clean spray nozzle onto the actual bottle itself and spray the sharpied sheet till I got a nice design. ( I use the 70% for actual first aid so I’m not worried about contaminating it )
I tried a couple different times to get the end result but it’s easy to just wipe off with alcohol and retry. I did use my blow dryer to dry it faster because of impatience.
When you get something you like just roll into a tube and tape it together. I also rolled a tube of white printer paper and put it inside about centered and held it with just a small strip of tape.
The lamp I have has a small base on it already for it to sit on and my bulb is low heat energy efficient so fire isn’t a problem with it


WOW!this is amazing!, can we see it on the lamp ^^


It is on the lamp. Ita the thing with a few round balls


In what photos?? Sorry if that sounded rude


All of them. Might have to click on the picture to see the full pic