Sick of being love sick


I’m sick. My boyfriend just broke up with me because he has a crush on a guy that I made him meet. They knew each other, but I made them better friends. I just learned a GIGANTIC secret that I can"t tell ANYONE. It has to do with my friend’s boyfriend having a kid in high school and keeping it from her( he still is, we’re in high school.) I’m behind in 4 classes and I just want to cut or something, but I know I should’t. This is what it sounds like when the girl with the biggest smile on her face just can’t take life anymore.


I’ve been where you are friend. I’m in fact the only straight girl in my friend group. My boyfriend ignores me all the time, doesn’t want to hang out, abuses me sometimes and has a side chick now. (Don’t worry I’m 100% safe, I got help )Life is a bitch,lets admit it. But whatever you do ending it is the worst possible thing to do. You’ll move on love, I promise, you’ll fight through the pain, that awful person is gone, out of your life now, now you’re a free bird. It doesn’t feel like it now but it will soon! You are a strong, beautiful, confident brave woman. If I can make it through, so can you, and if you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m your girl.


He didn’t deserve you anyways.If it makes you feel better, I’ve never been in a relationship.


His name was Jacob. Also my brother didn’t have a girlfriend until he graduated high school, and then he ended up marrying his first girlfriend