No lactose intollerent people here. Youll pass the gas and go straight to ass if you cant handle dairy with this one. Start with your basic mac (boxed craft bullshit or just normie pasta). Boil the noodles in milk instead of water, stirring constantly and no higher than medium heat. When your noodles are done go ahead and dump in as much cheese as your heart desires. I personally prefer ghuda, or munster but if you like american or cheddar then go you. If youre doing the box one then dump in that powder bullshit and stir until your cheese melts on low heat. Add ketchup, pickle relish, pineapple, or whatever other funky shit you want. Then! Dump it in a pan and top it with parmassian cheese and buttery crackers (crushed) and bake it for a little bit. Be careful to manhandle the pan when its done so you get cool battle scars and get to say you ruined your flesh gloves with a badass pan of mac. Serve… or gut it with your melted hands and enjoy ^^


*For the lactose intolerant or people who just want to lower their intake of dairy products, soy, rice and almond milk as well as vegan cheese works just fine.

Sounds a bit too funky for me, but I’d like to see Rob do it.


Actually, I would be careful about that. The milk that boils down in this project is important. It thickens into a rou-like substance which acts as a really calorie dense emulcifier for the dish. Without it youll just have soupy cheese stuff. Feel free to test it with other milk-like products but im not certian it will work.