Removing paint.... from possible ivory (gasp I know!)


Okey, long story, I know ivory is controversial. Totally agree to ban it, but when we already have it, we have it.

We got a bunch of stuff from a friend leaving the country, so no idea about origins. Tried to sell the stuff we didn’t need, and one of the figurines seemed like ivory, and I labeled it as such on our local selling site (for some reason okey in Scandinavia). No bids.

It seems like a candle holder, and has a lot of… ladies … on it.

Okey, maybe it’s some cheap material then, I’ll fresh up the colour of it and try to sell it again. No bids. Left it in a box in the garage for 1,5 years.

Yesterday BFs says he took a random box (WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF TO SELL) and donated to a work lottery. “No, not the one with the boob figurine?” “NO!! took that one out!!”

The he showed a picture to a coworker for a laugh, but she freaked out, “I HAVE THE SAME ONE! IT’S IVORY!! IT’S WORTH A LOT!! BUT NOT WITH PAINT ON IT!” But she isn’t an expert and I don’t know what she bases this claim on. But BFs freaking out too. I SWEAR I LEFT IT ONLINE FOR MONTHS LABELED AS IVORY, BEFORE I PAINTED IT. I also swear I googled to see if I could learn about how to recognize ivory and then concluded it probably wasn’t. BUT this is 1,5 years ago.

Is there a way to remove acrylic gold paint from ivory? If it isn’t what materail could be similar, and how to remove paint from that? I googled and I read about porous and non-porous materials and well… this seems like a risky project. Yes I know ivory is bad, but BF will loose his mind if I have ruined something he can earn money on :weary::rofl::rofl: -