Project Idea: Cat Armor!


Ah, I only know what looks good to me! :slight_smile:

Here’s one for @Rob’s “Packing Tape Ghosts” video:

Packing tape, making ghosts
But you know what I want the most?
For you to make armor for your cat
Some boots, gloves, shield and a hat!

What if kitty goes into battle?
What will keep her in the saddle?
When she’s quaking at her knees
By facing all those enemies.

She couldn’t use just tape for packing
When other soldiers started whacking
At her delicate kitty fur
So make something to protect her!

You could make it out of foam
Or something else that’s in your home.
You could sew it, carve it too
Maybe make it with cardboard and glue!

I’ve written many many rhymes
And gave SuperChats many times
So come on, Corinne and Rob!
(Though pleasing me isn’t your job.)

Let’s get ready for Halloween
With projects that are peachy keen
I know that you could make some room
For kitty armor as a cat costume!


So Rob tasted Mystery Oreos, and I was sad, because no cat armor. POEM TIME!

Rob is tasting Oreos
But you know what I want to know?
Why isn’t there any armor
For his cat, lest something harm her!

It is almost Halloween
And it would really mean
A very awful lot to me
If you had armor on your kitty.

Maybe if you took some tin
Leather, chainmail, and put it in
To a pattern that you made
Your cat could lead a soldier’s raid.

If you don’t do it, I will fume
Because your cat has no costume
For the spooky holiday
And as a knight, she could play!

Maybe you could get Corinne
To make some as well, but you would win
If you put it to a test
Your armor would be better than the rest.

So please, Rob, I’ve asked many times
And I may be running out of rhymes
Make some boots, shirt, and a hat,





Ooh! That’s a nice one!

Here’s my latest poem, on @Rob’s Deep Fried Galaxy Pizza video:

Rob has a wheel he likes to spin
You know what I think is really in?
Something with chain mail, maybe a hat.
Of course I mean armor for your cat!

Pizza that glows in the dark
Won’t help you in battle in a park
Galaxy food that’s deep fried
Won’t keep things winning on your side.

What you need is something to weild
Like a sword, or maybe a shield
But make it tiny and make it pretty
So it can fit on your little kitty.

I asked and you know what I mean
I figured it’d happen at Halloween
But it just wasn’t meant to be
I guess maybe you don’t listen to me

But I will keep on making rhymes
I’ll keep asking many times
So that nothing bad can harm her
Please make your kitty a suit of armor!


Like always, you never fail to amaze me




When ya gonna do it rob, we are waiting boi


So @CorinneLeigh made a pumpkin pie, and I made another poem!

Corinne made a pumpkin pie
But I’m sad, and you know why.
Because she hasn’t made some pretty
Fancy armor for her kitty.

Halloween has come and gone
And I thought her cat would don
Some strong, protective armor
So that nothing could possibly harm her.

But maybe I’ve been too rash
And it took time (and maybe cash)
To and my worries have been moot
Because soon cat will have an armor suit.

So please, Corinne, be nice-ish
And grant me my Christmas wish
Make some chain mail, a shield, a hat
Just make some armor for your cat!


@xingcat Wow. Your dedication.


I’m not good at a lot of things, but I am persistent!


So @Rob, apparently thinks more BOWLS are interesting, rather than cat armor! So I got a bit testy in this poem:

Cement bowls? Couldn’t get much harder.
But apparently cat armor’s a total non-starter!
I have asked and written and chimed
And wrote many poems, most even rhymed!

But apparently some needle and some thread
Won’t ever enter into your head.
It would be so easy, and so pretty
To make some armor for your kitty.

Instead you keep on avoiding my goals
And just come up with other bowls
You’re making a bowl like a loon
As if anyone needs a bowl shaped like a balloon.

A cat who is entering into battle
Will be slaughtered like some cattle
If she wears a bowl, something will harm her
But not if she’s wearing KITTY ARMOR!

So please, Rob, take a break from all
The bowls and please just heed my call
I’ve asked on videos, forums, and Super Chat
For you to make armor for your cat.

The difficulty wouldn’t be terribly high
And you would make at least one guy
Super happy at a chain mail vest
’Cause cat armor is his only request!!


See @RobCzar you made @xingcat triggered. Just make the darn armor already m8te


Question for @xingcat: do you have a cat and have you made cat armor for it?


@Si_Lee_Ping, I do, and I’m about 1/3rd of the way through it. I figured if Rob and Corinne don’t get armor made, then I’ll make some and maybe make a video of it and see if they’ll like it.


Yes @xingcat ! Please do make a video!! Of Love too see that on your channel!!! :gift_heart::clap:


Now @Rob and @CorinneLeigh bought an old house! That may keep them from making armor, but it won’t keep me from poetry!

Corinne and Rob bought an old house
But if you should happen to see a mouse
Facing your cat in a war to harm her
Then your cat would need some armor!

This series is nicely sponsored by Lowes
But what will protect kitty’s toes?
Or the soft spot on her head
Without some armor, she could be dead!

So I know you’re in a tizzy
Because home improvement keeps you busy
But you would make me very glad
Without cat chain mail, I’m very sad.

Your old fashioned basement’s really scary
And though your kitty’s really hairy
That fur will not protect
Should a dragon, your cat detect!

So help me make my wish come true!
There’s a lot of talent in the two of you
Get out some fabric, leather or string
Or some metal, almost anything!

Make some armor, make it pretty
Put together something to protect your kitty
And then she can show her might
’Cause then your cat will be a Kitty Knight!


This time, @CorinneLeigh had her lightbox art on her channel, and her kitty interrupted her a lot, because she knows she needs armor!

Your light box art is so good, it’s phat!
But what about armor for your cat?
It’s terrific to have some light
But what if kitty got in a fight?

You’re so good with needle and thread
You could protect your kitty’s head
And her soft undercarriage
You and armor-making are a perfect marriage!

I don’t really mean to nag
But you could have it in the bag
’Cause you know how to make the gear
That your cat could easily wear.

And your kitty knows it too!
She was standing in front of you.
She butted into your video
To ask for armor, as you know!

I have asked so many times
And have made so many rhymes.
So Corinne, heed my plea
Just make armor, for kitty!


How is your cat armor coming @xingcat ?


It’s getting there. It works well on my puppet cat, but my real cat is a bit more prone to moving. :slight_smile:


Well that’s to be expected! :joy: