Project Idea: Cat Armor!


Very cute! You trying to take my poetry spot? Is this a ThreadBanger poetry slam? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t dream of taking your spot. :slight_smile:
You have a great tack here, I wish I’d thought of it first, but I yield to the better poet. I wanted to do it once just for grins, but this is totally your thing and I’m not going to steal it from you fine sir.
Destroy their will with rhyming couplets! Slowly wear at their sanity until they crack!
I think they are traveling right now to… Canada? (#stalker) so it might be a minute before they see this, but I can’t imagine they could ignore all this. :smiley:


If they do, I’m rebeling,lol its reeeeaalllyyy hard to miss this!!!


For tonight’s video, Jiggly Cheesecake:

Jiggle jiggle little cake
You know I want you to make
Some new armor for your cat
Some chain mail and a hat

When your cat goes into war
What else could protect her more
Than a sword that she could wield
Boots, a breastplate and a shield

Maybe if you armor kitty
You could also make her pretty
You can add some well-placed dents
Or other fine embelleshments

Though your cake is made of cheese
It will not protect her knees
Maybe make it out of tin
Then your kitty sure can win

She can battle on the turf
Or maybe something out of Nerf
If it’s warm she will not freeze
Or maybe inspired by the Japanese

You can go in any direction
When you make some fine protection
Make sure that you look awake
It’ll be a piece of cake

So I will keep asking nice
For a cat, but not for mice
Please, Corinne, it will not harm her
Make your cat some KITTY ARMOR!


:clap::clap::clap: :smile: yay!! I love it!! I was on the edge of my seat waiting for this!!


YASSSS!! Corinne should do this!




we just got a bunch of awesome cat costumes for halloween.
but this armor looks badass


cat armor…noted :wink:


Oh my goodness, oh my golly!
Rob has noticed my poetic folly!
He thinks cat armor’s peachy keen
Maybe he’ll make it for Halloween!

Thanks to Holoprincess and f-tastick
Your assistance is better than elastic!
It’s got the attention of the host!
That kind of help is better than most.

Rob and Corinne, you’ve duly noted
The thread in which I’ve kind of quoted
All the poems that I’ve written
To make armor for your kitten

I will hope and wait and pray
That we will get to see the day
When your cat’s armor is a real clanger
On your channel, the great THREADBANGER!



:joy: yay!! WE DID IT!!!Maybe we’ll actually see it done @xingcat!!! Put that on your YouTube channel! Lol and give me a shout out :wink:


Did Rob think I’d give up just because he acknowledged the post? NOPE! When we have armor, I can stop poems, but on his “Black Lemonade” video today, I left this:

It’s almost Halloween
And you may need a pretty
Costume that you can put
On your fabulous kitty!

I know that you noticed, Rob,
On the forum posting
But it wouldn’t be me
If a poem your video wasn’t hosting.

So I’ll keep this short and
Let you know that it wouldn’t harm her
If you made a Samurai cat
With a suit of armor!

With a nice bit of armor
Your cat could take a beating
She could even get lots of goodies
When she’s trick or treating!

So don’t forget that you noted
My kitty armor pleadings
She will look like a knight for sure
During Ouija readings!


Hahaha yay!! The poems just keep coming!!! Tbh the black lemonade video was kinda lame, @RobCzar and @CorinneLeigh need to step up their YouTube game yo! Jk, lol you guys are great don’t change


Yes that is an awesome idea lol


Another video (Rob doing Wavy Brows), so another poem:

Wavy brows, wavy brows
Sitting on your face
But in a battle, would your
Cat look out of place?

Maybe if you wiggled them,
Your brows would be on fleek
But what if your kitty cat
On a quest went out to seek

A dragon or a kitten fair
A treasure or a war
But without the proper dress
Your cat would get what for.

So suit up kitty get her dressed
In tin from head to tail
If she’s wearing proper things
She surely will not fail

So while you’re attending to your brows
With a pencil or a brush
Make sure your cat won’t get harmed
In a soldier’s mighty crush

Your cat doesn’t wish to be
A baker or a farmer
Your cat wants to be a soldier
In some shiny armor!

And hey, since we did wavy brows (of a sort) too, here’s our version:


:joy: oh when will @RobCzar make the cat armor!!!


I’m a cosplayer and I’ve been considering making armor for my cat actually lol she’s a total warrior chick!


Corinne re-tried the jiggly cheesecake, so I wrote another poem!

Jiggle, giggle, try again
Send your cat to war and then
Make sure she’s protected
With armor that makes her well-respected

With a needle and some thread
You can protect her little head
Perhaps cover neck to tail
With some homemade chain mail!

Kitties like to go to battle
Don’t treat them like common cattle
Give them something in wish to bash in
Enemies, but with a touch of fashion!

So I’ve asked many times
In comments where I’ve used many rhymes
Let me know, Corinne and Rob
That you’ll make it your sometime job

To make some armor for your kitty
I know that you could make it pretty
And it would please your fans online
And your cat would look very fine!


Tbh I was reeeeaalllyyy hoping they’d do this project this week!! But nooooo


I want to try this poetry thing for corrines video. clears throat
Your taxidermy might be dead
But it seem you cat will head,
Towards that road if you said
That you would create.

The kitty armor but its sad
And its making her mad
That she still isn’t protected
From that mean world that’s been constructed

For the little cat. Please we can’t keep begging
I have other things to do
Rob and Corrine when will you
Create a costume for your kitty

How’d I do @xingcat did I do you proud?