Project Idea: Cat Armor!


I’ve been trying to get Corine to make armor for her cat since she started showing the cat on video. A few months ago, I started writing poems as my comment to every video they post, asking for cat armor, but no go yet.

But I mean…so cute! Here’s a Japanese company that makes it!


That would be so cool!


OMG This reminds me of;


Corinne could do this with felt, foam, jump rings and scales/guitar picks, she could be so creative and thematic with the idea, great suggestion!!


I love the Guinea Pig armor, too! They could ride into battle on the cats!


woah! that sounds epic!


As I mentioned, I’ve left a comment for the past couple of months for cat armor. Here’s today’s, on Rob’s “Glow in the Dark Donuts” video:
Glonuts, donuts burning bright
But what happens in the night
If someone attacks the kitty
Without armor, it won’t be pretty

Every cat in every section
Of the army needs protection
From their ears down to their knees
From the swords of enemies

So get going and don’t fail
Make your feline some chain mail
Get her armor, she’ll be well met
In some leggings and a helmet

And if you’re feeling very fine
You can mix in some quinine
Which will glow in the dark
When your cat goes in the park

So please do, it Corinne and Rob
Make some armor (don’t be a knob)
It’s so cute, in any spat
To have armor on your cat!


My poem on Rob’s video, “Googling Myself”:

Google yourself and you may find
Something nice or something kind
But if you don’t protect your cat
You’re sure to get into an internet spat

Kitties are cute and they can fight
But they need outfits like a knight
Armor, shiny or made of leather
That can go out in any weather

Like King Arthur or Samurai
Not like Rob or PewDiePie
Kitties need sabers to rattle
When they go out into battle

Do not dawdle, don’t delay
Make some armor (perhaps today?)
Make sure it fits that kitty
If Corinne makes it, it’ll be quite pretty

I have made, on every show
A poem just for you to know
I will always go to bat
For you to put armor on your cat.



And for today’s video, Corinne’s galaxy gummi bear:

Gummi Bears, Gummi Bears
Very nice and sweet
But when your kitty wears
Armor, she’s safe from head to feet!

Your cat deserves something strong
To protect her furry head
Maybe I could just be wrong
But we don’t want her dead

When felines go into battle
When they go to war
They don’t want to seem like cattle
If enemy cats go too far

You have the skills and smarts
To make a suit for kitty
You can gather all the parts
To make some armor pretty

So please, Corinne, heed my wish
And make that gal a suit
That is covered with scales like fish
And also looks so cute

I keep writing rhymes and words
But only you can build
Something that’s not for the birds
Cat armor for kitty guilds!



On tonight’s upload, “Army Men Bowl”:

Army men are good in war!
You know what’s better, even more?
An army that’s made up of cats!
Clothed in armor, from boots to hats!

Kitties marching in long lines.
Chain mail protecting along their spines.
Swords and arrows they can weild
If they have something like a shield.

Plus, you can make it really pretty
All this armor for your kitty
Medieval knights can’t go awry
Or maybe feline samurai?

You made army men into a bowl
But your cats can play a role
They can be more than some cattle
When you take them into battle.

So listen to my plaintive plea
Make some kitty armor for me.
It won’t really be all that tough
And your cat will look so rough.

I write a poem on every upload
And honestly, this is a difficult road
To tell you here in poetic rhyme
About cat armor every time.

So let me know when I can see
Some armor on that fair kitty
If I write enough I can win,
But you need to make it happen, Rob and Corinne!


Today’s poem, on Corinne’s “painted feathers” video:

Feathers can be found on birds
But I only have my words
Not for feathers in your hat
But for armor for your cat!

If a kitty gets into a fight
She should look just like a knight
Covered up from head to tail
In leather, steel, or some chain mail.

If you want to decorate
The armor, that’d be really great
You could even tether
Your cat with a leash made out of a feather.

You’ll get oohs and you’ll get awws
When your cat shows off her claws
That are hidden under gloves
You have made with lots of love

And when your cat is a vet
Of the kitty wars and has met
Her enemies out on the field
She’ll have her helmet and her shield.

You’re so clever with needle and thread
So you can protect your kitty’s head
Her tail, her paws, and her ears
With some armor she’ll have no fears.

So Corinne, or even Rob
I’ve been asking like it’s my job!
With my rhymes, I’m a charmer
Asking for some kitty armor!



One more poem, on Rob’s “Eclipse Doughnut Taste Test” video:

Doughnuts, sweet with a hole
But you know that there’s a role
In the army for your cat.
She needs armor, a shield and hat.

When you go to Krispy Kreme
You could start a delicious meme
Of cats in armor marching in lines
And you can stop my needy whines.

You eat doughnuts during the eclipse
But protect your cat’s back and hips
From her ears down to her tail
With some tin or some chain mail.

Corinne could sew something cute
Rob could weld the cat a suit
Then your cat wouldn’t be just cattle
As she marches into battle.

Dunkin Donuts or Honey Dew
Krispy Kreme are great to chew
But what about that little kitty
In some armor, shiny and pretty?

I know I’m not making sense.
And to write this is so dense.
I’m always here leaving rhymes.
I’ve done so many, many times.

Come on Corinne, come on Rob!
I know that it is not your job
But you would make me very glad
Without cat armor, I’d be so sad.

The cat only has to wear it for a while
Just to show off her soldier style
Then her armor can go on a hanger
And I’ll stop bugging you at ThreadBanger!!!


Omg, I would love to see this!


On today’s video, DIY Painted Rock Art, I left this poem:

A rock is cute, when painted red
But not so cute thrown at your head
If thrown at a cat, it will not harm her
If she’s wearing kitty armor!

Armor is as pretty as it’s shiny
And your cat’s as cute as she is tiny
Rocks smacked into you can make you dead
So protect that kitty from tail to head

Back in the 70s, you could get
A rock that was marketed as your pet
But you have a pet already, so fine
In a beautiful, smart feline

So gather scissors, leather and thread
Or you could use chain mail instead
A teeny sword, your cat could wield
Or perhaps carry a little shield

What is kitty armor for,
If your cat doesn’t go to war?
Well, she could wear it out one day
To a convention, as cosplay

I’ve asked many, many times
By writing many, many rhymes
By Corinne the crafty, and Rob cool dude
In your comments on the YouTube.

Cat armor! It’s easy to make
And something that your viewers could take
Home to put upon their cats
And start some battles with dogs or rats

Thanks so much for hearing my plea
I hope someday you will indulge me
By putting cat armor to the test
Even if it isn’t all over Pinterest.


@xingcat omg you put so much effort into those poems! Are you planning to do it on every new video?! :joy:


I’ve done it on about 10 so far… Rob and Corinne haven’t noticed yet, so I’ll keep it going!

Here’s today’s…on Corinne’s “Making Cocktail Bitters From My Tears”

You can cry into a jar
But your cat won’t get very far
If she goes into a fight
Without looking light a knight

Your tears may make some tasty bitters
But if you check on cool cats’ Twitters
You will see they set sail
In suits made of fancy chain mail

So go out and make some armor
So that nothing bad can harm her
Fancy suiting is what she craves
Because she’s one of the braves.

So don’t take me at my word
But make something to go with a sword
And then your kitty will not yield
To enemies, behind her shield

So please make some armor, sweet Corinne!
Then your cat can always win
I’ll stop writing this rhyming prattle
And your cat will be fit for battle!


Lol oh I hope they do this for your sake!:joy: how long does it take to write those?!!


I write them as I watch the videos, so about 10 minutes or so. I used to do improv comedy on the road for years and years, so I can make up poems and songs instantly. If you notice, I make a lot of the same rhymes over and over, which I’m a little embarrassed by, but it gets the job done, LOL! :smiley: :smiley:


Yes it does! Bravo my friend, bravo! :clap::clap::clap:


Kitty’s Adventure began at 10
Just after Rob had fried his hand.
He decided to quest across the glen
So across the yard, past the pot plants, he ran.

A voracious, vicious prairie dog
Pounced on our brave warrior’s back.
And where was Kitty’s armor then?
To protect his ass from attack?

Kitty struggled and valiantly tried
To evade this mother-fuckin’ hoe
But unfortunately, Kitty died.
Wish someone had made him armor, ya know?

If Rob and Corinne see these poems
And ignore this tale of woe
Then doomed poor kitty will be
To a lifetime of misery.
With bad parents.
Oh no.

I like yours better dude, but it looked fun :slight_smile: Keep writing until they crack!
@Rob vs @CorinneLeigh vs Kitty!


Lol you too huh!!! Well awesome job!!!