Painted Feathers (Updated and Finished)


After I’ve watched Corinne’s video I wanted to make myself one of these. I know that percentage of “winning” what Corinne made is below zero, especially when as comment you wrote “I would stick it up Rob’s ass”. yeah.

I began with trip to forest to collect some feathers. I’ve only found two of them, so i had to use feathers of my pet Armitage (handsome boy below, sadly rude AF)

Next, I’ve painted the stick black and added white stripes.

Don’t mind the pizza in the background, I got hungry.
After the paint dried, I drew things on feathers using permanent markers and white paint. I had to use tools not brushes, so it looks kinda crappy.

I started attaching feathers to thread and then to the stick. After I’ve added all of my feathers I hung it on a wall using two needles.

It looks great, even though feathers look like they were painted by a four-year old kid with Parkinson. I’m proud of myself… sighs and mentally pats herself on the back


I think they look fabulous. Way better than I can do, that’s for sure. :slight_smile: Good work.


Cool! Not my favorite colors personally but it looks great


Only paints I had were white, orange and red acrylics :pensive:
Also a few permanent markers, but they’re giving a good effect on white paint :wink:
I don’t like colours either, but that was the only way :joy:


Those turned out gorgeous! I love the white and black one on the end. :slight_smile:


Those are beautiful! We often use feathers for different parts of our puppets, so this is a technique that I’m wondering if we could figure out how to make our characters more customized!