My two troublemakers


Since everyone posts pictures of their cute pets I thought I would share a picture of my cats as well! Hope you’re all having a good time!
Greets from Germany! :sparkling_heart:


Lol your cats already look like they’re planning something


They were probably lmao
Your username is awesome btw! :cd:


Thank you very much! I love your cats! I can’t have any. :unamused: I’m allergic :sob:


Oh no! I’m so sorry for you! Is it their fur? I once heard that there are cats that have fur that is less problematic for people with allergies. But I am not sure about it :thinking:


Yeah. Its the shedding. Really? Are there really cats I CAN have?!


As I said, I’m not sure, but ask Google! I am sure you can find out a lot about those cats! :slight_smile:


Well in that case I might be becoming the crazy cat lady! Lol