My scaly babies


These are my 2 adorable little leopard geckos Snivy and Yoshi ! :green_heart::lizard: They are super friendly and squishy. They are also generally more photogenic then I can ever dream of being.


You could make DIY wings for these babies and name them Drogon and Rhaegal! (RIP Viserion)


I actually might, that could be a cute halloween costume for them!


leopard geckos so cute, would love to have another one my brother called his peppermint


You should get one another one, they are such great pets. Peppermint is an adorable name, you could get one and name it Patty. You know like a peppermint patty?


no space right now sadly. I do have a chameleon instead plus a whole load of others :slight_smile: . Never heard of a peppermint patty.


Aw, I know the struggle though. I’ve been wanting geckos for years but I’ve never had room for the proper tank sizes until now. Chameleons are super cool too though, so you still have amazing pets. :slightly_smiling_face: Its a really good candy, chocolate with mint inside. They are refreshing to have after dinner.


chocolate is my phobia