My mom has cancer


well, my mom just got cancer and she might die, most of my friends have backstabbed me, my art teacher failed my out of art class, i also just broke my wrist. i now cannot draw anymore aka my only passion in life annnnnd, im depressed and my parents cant afford my medication. fml.:fu::fu:


I’m so so sorry to hear that :<


Oh, no! I’m so sorry. Definitely take care of yourself. I don’t know how old you are, but when I started my freshman year of college, my Mom was diagnosed with cancer and she didn’t tell me until I’d moved into my dorm, so I would actually go. She had treatment that was very difficult on her, but she’s still with us, over 30 years later, so I hope the same for your Mom.


good luck my friends mom has canser and i hope every one in the world gets better (exept for bullies (jk))