My failed DIY string art


My mother and I went to this crafting event that was in the middle of a mall (not even in a store just out in the hall-ish area for some reason). I had this whole elaborate idea: I got this beautiful rosey wood and some multicoloured embroidery thread because bringing your own stuff was optional. Well I didn’t think this through well and forgot I was in the middle of a mall and nailing nails with a hammer was way too noisy… I wasted all of my time on that, so I had to get crafty. I took a thing of styrofoam from the supply table provided, the extra scarp fabric they had, these ugly bulky nails, and tried to make something of it last minute. This was the result: …

Those (intended) birds are way too big for those mountains, theres so much blank space, and the sun is pink. I can’t even…


If you’re ok with an idea of bettering this, remove the sun, make the mountains bigger and Overlap them, leave the birds there. Any spaces in between the mountains use string to signify as sky, maybe make it nice sunset colors or something and the Yellow to Pink would make a bit more sense.


Yeah If I was to fix this, I’d totally just redo the whole thing with new (maybe patterned blue) fabric or wood, WITH no wrinkles or stains, and some nicer nails. Even so, I still do display this fail as it always reminds me that nothing always turns out as you hoped haha