My dad was fired


my dad is how we get most of our money and he was fired im scared for my family
ps i know others have it worse but this is bad for me


Hope you feel better soon. It will be okay no matter how bad it seems
stay strong


I hope things straighten out soon, sometimes these events can lead to something even greater. A similar situation happened to my family twice back to back, but now that person has his dream job. Good things will happen and it will take time. I hope that everything straightens out soon. Sending you and your family good vibes


Stay as positive minded as you can and know that it will work out. Your dad will keep trying and he will find a new job. Maybe an even better one! I know its scary but there’s always a balance of good and bad in life and the good will come. This is from someone who didnt think I might get through the past year. And you know what? I did and things are finally looking up. I just kept pushing forwards. Much luck to you and your family. -K