Merica The Great


I woke up in a mood. I am an amalgamation of a few religions. Sunday’s suck because I live with a person who can’t understand my beliefs. They try realy hard to get me to believe the way they do. I love all religion. Some parts more than others. I grew up in a nondenominational “christian” home. As an adult I gravitated and found Wicca, then had a lul, went to more collage and found Islam. I like Christianity to a point. Some basic fundamental things I just can’t wrap my head around. Help me with this insistent person please.


You seem like a person who loves to explore and try new things. That being said, it’s really hard when someone you live with just can’t let it go. Ive been in your roommates shoes. As a Christian, I want everyone to know about Jesus. But honestly, when someone gives you a yellow or a red light and you keep pushing, that’s never gonna do any good.
If I may make a suggestion, if you haven’t already told them this already: "I understand that you are really passionate about your religion/denomination. But when you keep trying to get me to believe the way you do, that’s only pushing me farther away from wanting to even investigate your religion. If you want me to understand what you believe, please instead ask me if I would like to know, and respect my answer no matter what it is."
I hope this helps even a little!


You might try calling yourself Agnostic while you continue to study theology. The best part of being agnostic is admitting you don’t know because it’s honest to admit that which is unknowable.