Ladybits Teablend for the Witch In Need!


Hey Corrine!

A fellow witchy women here, and i just thought i would share a tea blend that helps with cramps, anxiety, and other things that the nasty red dragon brings to us women on that horrid time of the month. Its super simple and tastes awesome, plus since i noticed in a lot of your vids you like to use herbs and flowers, i think you will like this loose leaf(haha cause its flowers) tea blend.

its red clover, lavender, chamomile. The amount is up to you, i always make large batches lol You can also add rose hip too it to help relax more and also it helps with sleep. its also very decent as a cold tea, i like to add rosemary or sage to it if it has been chilled.

Hope this can be helpful!!!

:crescent_moon::crescent_moon::crescent_moon: Blessed Be Sister :crescent_moon::crescent_moon::crescent_moon:

Also tell Rob Hi!!!