Kumihimo necklace


Every year in early September, my hubby and I go to a jazz festival. He takes the official photos, and I basically hang around all day enjoying the music and beading. I’ve found the best kind of portable beading is beaded kumihimo. For those who’d like to know, kumihimo is a Japanese form of braiding that is normally done on a gorgeous wooden stand called a marudai. However, the beading world has come up with a cheap version, which is just a small foam disk with notches in it. There are heaps of Youtube videos if anyone is interested, and there is a lot of scope with different braid designs, different fibres, you can add basically any beads you want, or no beads at all. Anyway, enough with my waffling. Here’s a piccy of my first experiment for this year’s jazz necklace. The blue beads and cords are darker and a bit greener in real life:


Wow! That really does look intricate! It’s looking fantastic. I love the colors you’ve chosen.


Thanks xingcat. The hardest part is choosing the beads and threading the little suckers onto the cords. The actual braiding is very soothing, and it works up quite fast. Here’s the beginning, it’s a bit of a dodgy photo, but hopefully I’ll get some better ones tomorrow: