Hi from New Mexico!


Gaby here. Anyone from NM, holla back, yo.
And hi, Rob. Hi, Corinne.


i live in NM too. :wave:


Hey, right on. I’m in Las Cruces; where are you?


Im in Farmington i havent even been here a whole year yet though lol


Welcome to the forums! Everyone here seems super-nice and great to chat with. Hope you enjoy your time here!!


Oh, cool. Are you going to school in Farmington?


Hi, Gaby! Just wanted to let you know your username makes me happy. It reminds me of the Little Mermaid :blush:


For work actually, I’m a TEC.


Haha, thanks! It actually happened because my girlfriend at the time came up with it because of my name Gaby.


TEC? What does that stand for, if you don’t mind me asking?


I’m from New Mexico too! Did you know the dry climate of the desert is good for asthma?


Sorry I haven’t been on, I’m a patient care TEChnician. I run the machine used in dialysis that filters peoples blood.


Cool! That’s really awesome


Yup. And apparently tuberculosis at one point in time.