Help me thank you


How do i get girls to like me


Boy don’t even think about girls. How old are you? Just like I tell girls 20 and under; forget about it for now and concentrate on studies.

But if you do still want to be attractive to girls, I appreciate assertiveness, humour, courtesy, and passion for whatever their hobby or interests are in. Take care of your body (if you’re early teens this is important, I don’t know how young you are), smell nice, and be yourself.


Well as a teen girl myself, girls love a nice sweet loving guy! Confident, brave (to fend off spiders and wild raccoons and hobos and stuffs) and most of all time devoting. In times of sadness for girls, we love when guys come to the rescue (hugs and chocolate are the best! Unless she doesn’t want to deal with people, in that case give her some space)

But most of all, BE YOURSELF girls hate stereotypes and fakers!! Good luck my friend!


I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Edit: I’ve made progress I spoke a single sentence to a girl today.


You did?! That’s awesome!!! I’m so proud! Congrats!