Help me I need advice


I’m 100% straight. And all my closest friends are LGBT+ . I feel trapped. I don’t want to change myself to fit in. I live my boyfriend! Help me please. Advice anyone?


You don’t have to be of the same sexuality as someone to be friends with them. Friends value you as a person, not your involuntary membership of a group. If they wanted to hang out with lgbtq+ people only, they’d do that. But they don’t, because you don’t pick friends like that.
If you’re an ally, everything should be fine.
(Btw, 100% straight is a touchy way of saying you’re straight and it’s also not necessarily true, as most people have at least some bi-tendencies, even if they never explore it)


As a 100% certified Gay Person, I can tell you that I love every one of my straight friends exactly as they are, and I’ll be willing to bet your friends feel the same way. They may talk about their own love lives or interests, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop being yourself either. There’s room enough in the world for people to be friends with whoever they want, despite our differences!


Well thanks so much! I feel a lot better about me, and I guess you could say its just kinda awkward. You know? Much love <3


Well thank you! I didn’t know that we all have bi tendencies, so I guess I’m educated now! :smile:


They like you for who you are, not for who you aren’t. Don’t change because everyone else around you is different!

(I’ve leaned Bi before but at the end of the day I’m straight. )


you dont have to fit in if your strait who cares that shouldnt matter just be yourself if any one tries to change that slap them (or have me!!!) jk


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