Hello I'm Butter


Hello, I am Butter. Originally I meant to spell “Butterfly” but forgot after putting all my other information in. But I found this to be much too hilarious so I am now Butter. If it is too hot I melt, but I do not like the cold either. Just chilled weather like that of spring and autumn is best for me. I like doing DIY’s but do to lack of materials I unfortunately cannot do them too often.


WHO DOESN’T LOVE BUTTER?!?! That’s awesome. Now I’m picturing a ThreadHead who is sculpted out of a big block of butter, like you see at county fairs. :slight_smile: Welcome!!


Hella yeah! What’s good, Butter homie?!


Yush! Butter is great! Oh goodness :joy: I know what you are talking about! At the fair that happens in my area every year there is always a butter sculpture! Thanks for the welcome!


Just chillin’ in the fridge as butter does! w654


Lol oh you are a crack up friend. Now how do you feel about deep fried butter?


I’m glad my error is being found amusing :joy: hmmm… that I do not know. It sounds interesting tho :sweat_smile::joy:


Hi butter I’m flour people mistake me for the living growing flowers


hi butter I’m a butter thief from Australia be careful cause i might steal you


[ cringy, its is so cringy ]