Hello from idaho (the gem state or the potato state)á


Hello, My username is loveable-Pokemon, Weird name right, I might have watched a “bit” of Pokemon yesterday(ok it an obsession, please help).Anyway, now that the introduction is out of the way here a bit about myself. My first name is Katelynn, You can call me Kaitlyn, Katelyn or god dang Katalyn, as long as it sounds like the thing(a bit), People get my name spelled wrong a lot so I stop caring.

My personality and interests,hmm I’m a bit of a wacky person, I have a lot of random interests, Most of them are geeky cause I really don’t have a life but my personality…hehe…you’re in for a treat.I’m a coward,(“true” fact:1 in 1,000 people is born a coward) I’m not going back now.I’m scared of everything except for horror book, love them(I told you I was a weird person).

I get scared of almost-EVERYTHING, I can’t watch a scary movie without crying, I’m also scared of height, spider, insects,etc.).I’m lazy, an overthinker and a rambler, I can’t think of good trait right now(in reality I’m just lazy).

Since threadbanger is all about DIY, I should talk about something DIY related.Last week I did something potato related since I am from Idaho and I like to “embrace” stereotypes.I did a potato face mask + lemon, let just say it was refreshing (100 refreshing points, I bet no one got that reference).

Anyway let fill this up a bit more here my top 3 quotes, not in any order
1: “I like people who put effort, even if they’re not good at it.”-Honey(OHSHC)
2: “besides, It doesn’t really matter, does it? Guy, girl or appearance. It on the inside that counts, right?”-Haruhi(OHSHC)
3:“I eat because I’m depressed, I’m depressed because I eat.”-Anonymous

Any way that it, I’m sorry if I bored you because of all my rambling.

P.S Never live in Idaho because it boring and when you tell other people that you live in Idaho they use the old “udaho” joke, It gets old real quick like is that the “only” joke you know and if I see one in there, ugh I will…

P.P.S I’m not a grammar person, I’m a Perfectionist so please tell me if I made a mistake,

P.IDK Please don’t be harsh, all I need is constructed criticism and all human make mistakes now this has gone on for enough, thank for sticking thru all my rambling

Thank you for your consideration, Loveable-Pokemon
Edit:Dang, sorry i wrote a essay


Glad you are here. <3


Also from Idaho! Whooo!

What’s this Potato face mask you speak of? I’m all about embracing stereotypes and ya know, gotta find something to do with all these potatoes that I’m up to my ears in.


I really don’t like my first comment on here to be correcting someone on grammar but you literally asked for it so here we go.

Better would be to add a “so” after lot and putting the stop in past tense.

And you missed an “e” when mentioning your nickname in the introduction.

Might I ask what this potato stereotype is (I’m german and the only stereotype of states I know of is the rather unfriendly one about southerners)?
Also, potatoes are like the best staple food ever (excluding bread [keyword stereotype]), so that sounds like a good reason to live in Idaho.


Idaho produces one third of the potatoes grown in the US and is one of the most popular potato brands to purchase. Definitely not complaining though. :slight_smile: Potatoes are one of my favorite food, and that has nothing to do with me living here :joy:


Thanks for the info.
If I’ll ever visit the states, I know where I’m going :smile:
I’ve heard from someone on YouTube that American potato salad is not nearly as good as the german version and that’s something that needs fixing. :wink:


What ingredients are in a German potato salad? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I’m never opposed to stepping up my potato salad game! I’ve literally made a meal just of that before and I’m not ashamed even the slightest bit, haha.


I can’t talk for all of Germany, especially since the south makes it with oil and vinegar like regular salad, but in my family, these are the things that go into it (the amounts are estimates because we don’t really follow a recipe):
About 2 or 3 pounds of potatoes
2 onions (chopped into small pieces)
6 tablespoons of remoulade (gets more taste than mayonnaise)
4 boiled and cut eggs (traditionally, we changed it to a very ripe avocado cut into pieces and mixed with sulphur salt to get an egg taste + some cut tofu)
10 of these small pickled cucumbers out of a jar
A bit of the cucumber vinegar to give the salad a fresher taste and to make the sauce less sticky
Herbs (dill, thyme, parsley, rosemary, summer savory) (you need a lot of them)
Salt, pepper
Optional: small cubes of apples or radish

The way we make it is we boil and cut the potatoes to let it cool the fastest.
Then, the sauce where you mix the remoulade with the herbs, salt, pepper and the cucumber vinegar. You want the consistency to be like yoghurt
After that we cut the avocado and mix it with sulphur salt (it’s very close to boiled eggs and way healthier) and prepare the cucumbers and the other vegetables if we use them. Then we cut the tofu and mix everything together.

This way, it definitely counts as a meal in my book.
Have fun trying :slight_smile:


Yes! My fellow Idahoan, Anyway about potato face mask.I couldn’t find it on Pinterest so here the closest thing.



Wanna be friends? :wave:t2: :blush:


Wow there’s a lot here of information here😂.

Hi! I’m Daniel! I don’t live in Idaho but your post is really nice and bubbly so i wanted to post here instead. I wish I can write an essay about myself right now but it’s 2 AM up here. I even tried writing an essay in my own Welcome topic.

I’m an over thinker too. Sometimes I overthink the way I walk and trip (it happens all the time)! I’m not scared of much, but while I am extroverted, I’m a low key mini geek. I love books and shows and YouTube.

How you feeling? What’s good?

PS if I’m not supposed to reply to a forum post like this I’m sorry I’ve never posted on a forum before :joy::sob:

PPS what shows and or books are you a fan of?


Double yes!
Chansey is one of my favorite Pokemon due to it deadly staller ability and Togepi is so cute, I still miss Misty’s Togepi.
I hope we can be good friend in the future.


Edit it, thank for the info.I should check Grammarly hehe I put too much confidence in my self.
Edit: I just did a grammar mistake on a message about grammar mistake, what wrong with me.


Maybe it’s loveable irony or quirkiness? :wink:


Hehehe yeahgiphy (7)


Hahaha You’re an Oran high school host club fan eh?! Me too! You like them so now you’re my friend, I like you!

Hi I’m an extrovert, and I’m super social!! I LOVE PEOPLE! And one if my talents are picking up you cute lil introverts and making you my friend, and you’ve been chosen!:slight_smile: welcome to the forum, where everyone’s your friend and you just feel good every time you come! :smile::joy::heart:


Hi Daniel! Welcome to the forum! There are a lot of fun people here, so I’m hoping you’ll like it here too!