Hello from Denver :D


And no im not high :joy: I just have high hopes for myself


Lol this is the best introduction I’ve read so far!


haha that must be interesting, coming from a place now known for bud. Never considered that yet, it might get annoying people from elsewhere thinking you must be high, lol. How is living Denver besides that? Always wanted to go to Colorado (even before they legalized…but now that just makes it better.)


one word-skiing
actually i need 20 characters lol


Well it is very pretty here and the mountains are amazing! Although the weather changes every 5 minutes it seems like.


I have actually never been lol I went snowboarding like once in all these years I have lived here.


Welcome to the forum! Hope you like it here.


Oh man, I bet it is indeed. I lived in Maine for a while on a mountain and it was incredible. That view always put me in a good mood. And ugh, well guess its worth it to live somewhere so nice.