Hair-wrap Madness (an entire wig made from hair wraps)


this took me about 3 years to make. And was an amazing way to end my senior year of high school!!! Along with about 1,000 individual wraps, I made a wooden sign that read, “witches cursed froot loops, help needed for revenge” the following picture was me in the wig on Halloween on 2016. I knit the base with sock yarn, and one by one made each hair wrap, by hand. I then attached each wrap to the wig base a used a sh!tload of Bobbi pins to secure it to my tucked in hair. Hope you guys enjoy this!!! I’m in the process of making an instructable on how I did this.


Wow! It looks like you spent a long time on that! It looks amazing!!


Thats really cool! Lots of different colors


The strings were all scraps from friendship bracelets over the past 5