Goth Bride or Wedding


This thread is going to be amazing!

Any fun goth wedding ideas? I’m getting married in November and I am so not into all the white, traditional bullshit.

Stay witchy!


I like you’re idea!
Congratulations on your marriage!!!


I’d suggest papercraft flowers, you can make them in any colour you want!
If you draw sigils (magic related shapes) on the paper before you start you end up with bits of each shape on different petals, or use an old (falling apart) book to get petals with text across it.


Hag stones could be an interesting decoration especially if strung together with some weird sticks and maybe with some lights as well!! Antique jars/bottles also make a really cool decoration, you could fill them with any number of herbs/pretty dark colored flowers for a table decoration!


Imagine those for the tables with some flowers.

Simple but effective.


Silk flowers are great because they come in so many colours. I picked royal blue roses and my mom kept it after the wedding :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this is a real thing but y’know how some weddings have literal doves (I think this happens in real life and not just cartoons and movies)? Maybe someone has trained corvids that can be released to fly or bring the ring or something? (Or like fancy pigeons come in all sorts of colors, maybe you can rent some?)

Corvids are goth, right?


Do a blood bond instead of a traditional ceremony.