Failed crayon art


I failed massively trying to do the thing where you hairdry crayons it didn’t turn out great


I don’t know man, I’ve seen similar stuff in museums with ‘modern art’, haha. Might be able to make a buck!


Those crayon panels never seem to turn out the way they do on Pinterest! :slight_smile:


I think it’s beautiful!! I prefer this one, over the pinterest version.


Its not actually that bad! Throw in a bit more colour and there you go!


Somebody please tell me I’m not the only one seeing the grim reaper who just killed someone in a forest?!


Well NOW I do! That’s not helping me sleep, LOL.


Sorry.:frowning_face: Maybe try a puppet show to calm you? If you like marionettes, I’d highly suggest Augsburger Puppenkiste, assuming you can find something with subtitles. It’s very relaxing and, with the fitting story, also very amusing.


I really like this! I like how even thought it’s dark you can still make out the like orangey red colors on the edges!


That is beautiful !!i call that a win :smile:


I actually really like it! I’m not into the hard core bright rainbow colors, so this is definitely my thing!:star_struck: