Dyeing fake leather


I’m trying to change the color of this fake leather bag for my Halloween costume. I’m on a extremely tight budget and most of my costume I already had. The only thing I bought was the perfect used hand bag for a $1.
It’s a light brown color but in the costume I’m making it’s supposed to be a dark brown. I already have dark brown fabric to make the straps/ belt to it.
My Q is how do I get it to a darker brown color?
I’ve tried watered down acrylic paint. ( Scratches/ washes off)
Acrylic paint mixed in nail polish remover. ( Scratches/ washes off)
Fabric dye ( didn’t do anything) soaked it for 3 days
Shoe polish/wax/dye ( didn’t do anything other than made it shiny)
Paint marks ( most promising but still not as dark as I need it to be)

Again I’m on a very tight budget so I really don’t want to spend more than $3-4 dollars.


You can buy leather paint at a craft store for relatively cheap. If you only need the one color, that shouldn’t set you back too much.