Does this shit actually work?


  1. F no, that won’t work. Ever
  2. 80% sure it’s bs, but it might be possible.
  3. Should work at least to a certain degree.


2 and 3 work for the same reason. Ketchup contains white vinegar, which is a dilute acid but does dissolve some tarnishes and calcium buildup.

1 strikes me as BS, but it is referenced multiple places. I would imagine it has something to do with the calcium in the milk. One site offered some goofy explanation regarding contracting milk proteins as warm milk cools.


From what I learned, anything from Instagram is too good to be true


Yeah, the plate one is absolute crap. It would be great if Rob or Corinne could prove us wrong.

But two and three work great. It’s the same as leaving pennies in ketchup as a kid to make them shiny again.

Also with three you would need some light scrubbing after soaking but it would work.