DIY Candle Fail


Last night, I was trying to make candles. Well, I had a pot that had a thin layer of wax inside of it, so I turned the stove up on high so that I could hurry up and get it out. Then my dumbass goes upstairs-with the stove still on-and gets more candle wax and wicks, which I’ve done many times while doing this sort of thing. Next thing I know, my sister runs upstairs and tells me it’s making weird sounds. I tell her to turn off the stove and she goes back down and says it’s on fire. I had to call 911 because I had no baking soda or anything. Everyone’s fine and no one was hurt, nothing was damaged except for the pot and my ego… Lol, needless to say, I won’t be trying this again. All I can think about now is how this is some shit that would happen to Rob or Shane Dawson, and how I should have gotten pictures.


This reminded me of back in high school when this guy put one of those ‘one serving’ ramen noodle cups in the cafeteria microwave, and forgot to add water… The dry noodles actually caught on fire :joy: