DIY Button Bowl


Hey Threadheads!

Last semester in my art class I attempted to make the ThreadBanger DIY Button Bowl, However my bowl was a huge fail! I followed all of the steps however I used different sized buttons is this why my “button bowl” is now a flat “button plate”? The project was really messy and people in my class were very confused of what I was creating but overall it was fun. (even though it did not turn out how I expected)

-Cheers! SloppyGaming :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the bowl projects tend to need much more of the Mod Podge/glue or whatever it is you’re using to hold a shape than most of the Pins would suggest, especially before you even put the buttons on. I would probably try to do a couple coats (like 4 or 5) of the Mod Podge on the balloon before I tried adding buttons, because the buttons will weigh down the sides of bowls, and that type of decoupage can be fairly flexible unless you use a lot of it and thicken up the layers on top of each other.

But a button plate is pretty cute, too! :slight_smile:


I had the same problem where the button bowl melted into a button plate because of gravity. I tried it twice with up to four layers of modpodge and letting it dry for 72 hours but to no avail. I really wanted a cute button bowl for my table but it seems impossible at this point. Ive used the whole jar of Mod Podge and I’m STILL finding buttons all over my apartment


Maybe try resin? The only thing that might affect it is that resin gets very hot, so the balloon might pop, but you could use a bowl or something and cover it with nonstick spray. The button bowls are super-cute.