Corinne's Master Plan for World Domination


This is the story of a girl named Corinne and her three friends: one is a smart corky Canadian with killer nails, the second one is a sharp-tongued tall girl that has a thing for bats, and the third is a soft-spoken cheery tiny thing of a girl who enjoys giant foods. All four girls had a plan, a plan so machiavellic in nature that only in a stupid short story fanfiction promo for some swag would a person come up with.

The plan was SIMPLE: Get YouTube famous by any means necessary. First, they would find some guys but not just any guys: they had to be funny and caring, smart but easy to manipulate, willing to do any and all things for each of the girls in their own way.

Second, after all the girls had acquired their Gold buttons, they would bring upon the plan: to sacrifice their mates. The men in their lives were nothing but a small step for ultimate power.

Like a coven of modern day witches, they would bring their victims slaughter one night in the most evil of places. Yes, this place was so evil that it makes the seventh level of Dante’s Inferno look like fucking Disney. But wait, it was Disney! The mouth of hell itself was hidden deep within the bowels of Cinderella’s Castle. And just like a SOCK lost in the dryer, no one would notice four random dudes missing in Disney.

For a year, the job of the one named Safiya was to find the the pit of sacrifice. Never did Tyler, her boyfriend of a year, suspect that all those romantic Disney trips had an ulterior motive. The job of the Canadian girl with no H in her name was to go to university and take up the Criminal Sciences so they could plan the perfect sacrifice to the Triangle Guy in the Red Square. But so not to be outdone by the other three, the one they call The GULIA was in charge of Plan B, the most unmentionable of things: to dispose of the four men turning them into pot pies reminiscing of Hansel and Gretel but of course in a giant way.

While Corinne coordinated this for years under the nose of Rob, a nice young man not without his faults and not really pure in heart. The one truly pure in heart, the most innocent of men, BEYNN, as she called him, was a slave tortured daily to bring his mistress cup after cup of the mermaids creepy watered down blood to sustain her sparkly Holo madness.
The day finally came during the Gathering of the Triangle God worshippers (VIDCON), three days of ravenous mindless teenagers screaming in ecstasy for a glance or a touch of their creator Gods, not knowing that their Gods worshipped another.
The Day finally came where all four would drop them into the pit. Once it was done, the coven of four very much like the girls from the CRAFT, remember the movie? Love that shit, sorry sidetracked, where was I? Oh, yeah! The hole, the plan, the guys, ok…
The girls lured them with the promises of Handy J’s and blowjobs in the dark forbidden areas of Disney, like the ancient mariners to their doom. Once they passed all security and managed to slip through a door that took them deep down into the bowels of the castle, Corinne gave the signal to the other three and then it happened. In the darkness, the glitter of shiny sharp holo nails ripped the throat out of Beynn, poor innocent Beynn. He never saw it coming. With a shout of ‘what the fuck!’, Rob always wearing fucking sunglasses to cover his constant pot habit, didn’t see when Corinne softly pushed him like an electric lawn mower in the North Carolina summer heat. And then JP, the clown of the group, sweaty and with foggy glasses after The GULIA gave him a spicy wing, in his jumping around in the dark he just fell in. But Tyler, the last one of the guys, always by SAF’S side, took the worst of it. Tangled by long denim sleeves like a fish trapped in the tentacles of a hungry octopus, squeezed to death while at the same time being suffocated by a plastic jacket, his hot breath fogging the plastic around his face that only she could see because of her closeness in the dark.
After completing their purpose, all four walked out smiles on their faces, no regret in their eyes. Back home, they went to gather their Gold buttons to bring them to Corinne’s …

Back in Ashville, Corinne set everything up for the gathering of the four. Once all four Gold buttons came together, the power of a billion combined views would give the four witches absolute power over the other YouTubers. Slowly but surely you would see the views of Shane, Jenna, Nikki, even Jeffrey Starr all will fall. And so came a time when the four would feast on the souls of billions of followers and become goddesses amongst men.