Cancer and my dogs


I know its stuipid butt im worried about my dog she might have canser and i had her and her brother sience they where 5 mounths old their now turning 6 in dec i just want advice from some one whos been where i am

ps their names are luke and leia star wars no just me ok


Don’t worry, if they do have cancer, that’s okay. Just make them happy and comfortable as long as they are still with us. Yes, it’ll be a bit hard to lose them, but at least they won’t be sick anymore. Death can be a scary thing, but also in its own ways beautiful :gift_heart:


@Holoprincess thanks for the advice its just sometimes it seems like their the only ones who love me


Aw💝 I totally understand. But there are a lot of people who love you somewhere out there right?


yeah you’re right thanks


Hey, I’ve been where you are. My dog, whom I’ve had since before I was born, had cancer. When we found out we were devastated, if you catch the cancer before it’s too late, it can be treated. If not, I know how hard it is, dogs are truly a treasure and it sounds like you are very attached to them. If you do find they have cancer and it can’t be treated, cherish every moment you have with them. Remember, it’s better to lose them early, but have them die in peace than to have them live, but in pain.