Birthday disaster


So my close friend is gay, (He just came out) and he has this nice silicone pride bracelet that he wears everyday. But today it broke, and he was devastated and I’d love to find a new one for him; as uts almost his birthday. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy a single silicone pride bracelet? I have searched the internet and can’t seem to find single ones.


Something like this? :


Yes like that!!! Thank you! Where did you find it? Frankly I can’t read the caption because its in another language


I searched for “pride bracelet silicone” and this etsy store came up. Sorry about the language thing, didn’t know how to turn that off. Here’s a link to an amazon page where they are sold:
Here’s the etsy page without the specification silicone because there are a bunch of pretty designs there you might find interesting:
And here are the silicone ones:

I hope you find a good one and get it soon enough :slight_smile: