Another Day, Another Puppet


A friend of mine who likes to dress up in drag style inspired me to make a puppet that looks like the over-the-top looks she sports. I’ve just finished most of the face, and I’m pretty pleased. She’s wearing a beret right now until I can build a wig for her, but it’s the first time I’ve bas

d a puppet’s look on a real person, and I’m happy with it.


Haha WHEN are these puppets going to make their youtube debut!!! I’m waiting!:joy: I can’t wait to hear what crazy voice you give this puppet!:slight_smile::joy:


Ah, sadly (for my YouTube channel), those two puppets (the rainbow puppet and the drag queen puppet) are made for friends, so I won’t be performing with them.


Aw😢 oh well! Maybe well see them in a puppet making live stream! I can’t wait to see the fibished product!


Thanks! I hope to finish next week, so it’ll be on our livestream next Monday night if I manage to do that.