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Well hello there internet!


Hi there my friends call me tdog and I’m from England


This is totally rad. Congrats on the website!


Well this is actually pretty cool! Hello there… from Costa Rica!


Hello from IL! Love to watch your videos! Keep it up! :ok_hand:t2:


Hi I’m from Canada. My names Yasmin but you can call me yazzy too. I love crafts, art, and DIY’s. I’m glad that you guys got to do this and I’m exited to explore!


Hello from CT! I love your videos and am happy about your new website!!! :laughing:


holo everyone :sparkling_heart:


Let’s get started, shall we? Love the website!


Oh Christine is that you? Haha


Hello from Maine. I am new sub to Threadbanger. I love your videos. Have been binge watching everyday after work. Rob and Corinne you guys are wonderful to watch, keep up the great work.