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why is rob such an asshole?


This is a topic that is not easily answered…


What video editing program do you use? Also why is Rob such an asshole?


fair enough can you give rob a message for me ?
tell him i say "go fuck yourself "


Hi Rob and Corinne!
I’m curious. What made you guys realize that you guys wanted to do threadbanger…and was there ever a time when you guys questions if you made the right choice? Sorry to ask a really deep question. I’m a university student and I ask myself sometimes if I’m doing the right thing


Hey guys!
I’m the guy who emailed u a few months ago and u replied, but I forgot about ask a very important 2 questions:

  1. Is Pin-O-Meter ever going to be rehired,. or has he been sacked forever?

  2. Is there going to be another Mailbanger anytime soon - I’m hoping people have actually sent Rob stuff as the channel has two parts

  • Rob is the guy who attempts things and has fun trying, and Corinne is like the expert and is inspired to try changing a few things from the original idea. Basically what I’m saying is that you should both have equal love from the subscribers and not be glitter bombed.

Love the channel, <3 from Louisa xx


Hi Rob and Corinne. Come for a holiday in Australia sometime :v:


Hello Rob and Corinne, love your channel my question is does Corinne want any more cats? love you guys!!


Corinne could you design a water colour dream catcher tattoo? Your art seems amazing and it’s a memorial peace. Was wondering if you had the time?


Do you know what undertale is?


Can you guys hire me to be your interior designer for your new house???


This is the best birthday 18th birthday present ever! What would you guys say is your favorite project ever?


I just wanted to ask you when you will open more mail in the live event. We always see that there is more but you dont seem to open it. I think its very cool to see what people send you so maybe you yould split the next live event? some thime to Q and A and the rest for the mail?
I send you stuff a while ago and I cant be shure wether you got it…


Can Corinne do a ‘Corinne vs. Sewing,’ making a witchy onesie?