A couple of my owls


this is Autumn the barn owl

& this is Tiny the European eagle owl.


I want one!
How did you get owls as pets?


There are 4 pet owls. My dad swapped some pond fish for 3 owls, we kept 2 and gave another to a mate, he then got a call from a farmer to say an owl with jesses was found on his farm so we took that one in couldn’t find owner & then my dad hand reared the barn owl. These 2 we take to out with us, so far they have been to my nursery, my dads school, an open day at a pet shop & 2 open days at a wolf sanctuary. they are so friendly and happy to be stroked by any one and held by any one. Love giving people the opportunity to meet and greet them as well as educating them about all our pets.